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Professional Design ~

Our team of engineers walks through each aspect and section of your site to ensure functionality and that the overall design matches your brand. The site needs to preform as an well polished salesman who never sleeps. 

SEO Dominance ~

That salesmen we build might not ever need to sleep, but she will need to be given the right amount of attention. We take your new site and push it out to a new 1000 keywords every month and really turn on the leads fire hose. 

This is Little Green Development, A Dallas area based website design and SEO shop. We are a small but powerful. Our job is to build you a site and manage it. It’s like adding a full digital marketing sales department over night. 

The site we build for your business will not only match your brand but actually send you new leads. (ACTUALLY MAKE YOU MONEY) We have built out our process, and are now ready to help take you and your small business site to new heights. Especially if you run a local business and sell physical services, we can build you a site that constantly captures new clients. 

We are in the business of growing your sales. 


Local Domination

- How This All Works -

  1. We retool your site so that it is able to facilitate all of the leads we are about to send your way.
  2. We will then take your site up through the local Google Rankings to the first page for thousands of long-tail keywords. 

With all the tools in place on our end, this is really just plug and play. 

Get in touch with one of our staff now to talk further and to get the leads flowing into your site. 

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Basic Website Design

A functional website that works
$ 1000 One Time
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 week complete site turn around
  • Full turn-key solution
  • Proven to convert template design
  • Full SEO workup
  • 3 Office hours to teach you how to use it

Custom Website Design

A website 100% your own and built only for your business
$ 2000 One Time
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 week first draft turn around
  • Complete control over the design during each phase
  • Complete site build in approximately 1 month.
  • Schedulers, Email Automation, and many more features available

Full SEO Management

Already have a site? Let us create your content!
$ 500 Monthly
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 - 1000+ word article delievered weekly (4 total on the month)
  • Full Analytics Suite
  • In house writers only, nothing outsourced
  • Weekly backlink audits and backlink fostering
  • Full keyword research and competitive site and ad audit. ***