Our Story

Little Green Development was born when Gwen and I (CJ) decided to jump on the road and began our perpetual adventure of traveling the country full time in our 32ft home on wheels.

We travel around the country helping small businesses get online and build their digital storefronts to match their already thriving off-line brands. From simple forms, appointment schedulers, and complex chatbot design, we have solutions to help you and your business grow digitally and speak to your customer in their preferred medium. We have a strong footing in the Memorial Designer industry, are a proud member of the Monument Builders of North America, and are pleased to announce the completion of our 17th Monument Website in July.

Please review our list of services and reach out via our contact form or call if you would like to learn more. Being that we are a mobile website design shop, we keep our business with clients intimate, meaning they having our personal contact info on hand. Whether you need a website, social media consulting, or advice from our team, we are just a click or call away. 

We have been building and maintaining websites for over two years now and hope to be able to add your business’s site to our already beautiful portfolio.

Services We Offer

Site Creation & Development

"Design For More Clients in Less Time With Higher Ticket Sales"

This is 2020, if you do not have a website for your business, you are really behind the times. Assuming you do have a website, how well is working for you? Does it make sales for you?

Here at Little Green Development, we specialize in designing websites that mimic your sales process so that sales can be made on your clients time, and not yours.

Currently specializing in the memorial industry, we are very proud of our recent development of our “Hybrid E-commerce Design”. In the memorial industry, we know that when a client is coming to you to buy a memorial for a loved one, they want to view all of the options, and develop their own “Custom Design”. The memorial design meeting likely starts with brief stories being shared of their loved ones, while they look over all of your design books from all of your different suppliers. The client then picks out between 3-10 different memorials, and asks your memorials designer to combine all of their favorite aspects.

Understanding this, we have developed the Hybrid E-commerce Model to allow your customers to build their own “Memorial Design Boards” at home but completely encapsulated on your website. Think Pinterest, except they can only choose from memorials that you have previously designed, and they can email the board to your designer the moment it is ready for review. 

Our numbers show, that our clients who have incorporated the Hybrid E-commerce Model, have reported not only lower amounts of time spent in the memorial design meetings, but also higher priced ticket sales on average for customers that create a design board.

Being that we know the monument industry, we also maintain exclusivity to only one monument shop per area. Although each of our sites may have the same underlying functionality, we design each to be uniquely tailored to each area and shop. 

Once you are ready to have us start creating for you, we will schedule a meeting with you in order to better understand your business, as well as tell the story of your company. Once we have a good idea and direction to map towards, we begin the design process. 

While every website is unique, a standard turn around time for the initial rough draft is about 2 weeks. We then collaborate with you, to see how what you like or dislike before revising. 

Our custom site designs are priced on a sliding scale, depending on the scope of work. Send a request for a proposal now, and have us start designing your business’s 24/7 salesman.  

Local Domination

"Get Noticed Online As An Authority In Your Industry"

In today’s market, your website requires more than just a couple of pages and a gallery. From our extensive testing we have seen rapid growth in sites that follow our site fattening – Pillar Page / Support Page model. 

First, we build our all of your top line products. (For Monument Builders – Think Flats, Slants, Uprights) Each getting its own dedicated “Pillar Page”. 

Second, with our extensive partnerships with reputable sites from all over the internet, we start building the highest quality backlinks to the Pillar Pages

Third, we start building your domain authority in the eyes of search engines line Google, Bing, and Yahoo by constructing support pages that link directly back to the pillars and go in-depth into each aspect of the pillars. 

Fourth, (And this is where the magic happens) we then turn back to our partnership to build even more links to the support pages. 

In our experience this structure has set our clients on exponential website growth and in some cases is causing them to need to higher more memorial designers to carry the we are sending. 

This is a Monthly Service and runs best at $1000/month. We tend to see great results start to come through at around 45-60 days into the project. 

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