Our Story

Hello there, my name is CJ and I am the Director of development here for Little Green. My wife Gwen and I live and work, full time, traveling the country in our 32′ class C RV we call Adelaide. Being website designers, all we need is an internet connection and we can build you anything […]

Web Developers, What do they even do?

What does a Web Developer even do? I have seen this question all over the internet. And well, the answer is two-fold: 1 part Building Your Site and the other part maintaining. When you are first starting out, having a web presence is key. Maintaining that web presence, as well as growing it is absolutely […]

WordPress vs Shopify vs Squarespace, Which is better?

This is maybe one of the most talked about topics for tech-savvy entrepreneurs when it comes to building a website. If I NEED a website then should I use WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace? The fact of the matter is, if you are going to be in business, anywhere, you NEED a website. Or else, you […]