There are many reasons to branch out on your own. 

  1. Take control of your commission rate – Say goodbye to commission share.
  2. Set your own schedule.
  3. Build your brand your way. 

Taking Control Of Your Destiny

It can be scary to make the leap on your own and starting your business. As a trainer working for a big box gym you are giving away a huge portion of your commission on the table. You already do all of the legwork to get clients in the door, so why give away 50% of the profit. We see trainers branching out on their own all the time, now is the time to make your move. 

With most trainers that make the jump, they can often offer the same services for 30% – 50% less then their old gym. This is possible because you are now only worried about your own overhead not the whole gym. Because you can charge less and still make it, the transition for your clients is a now brainer.  

Your Workouts, Your Schedule

If you are already running a successful training practice, then you probably have already learned the necessary time management skills to thrive. Going one step further and starting your own fitness brand opens the door for you to have even more control about when you work and what clients actually get your precious time. 

We incorporate a host of other scheduling sites to help you grow your business. Trainerize is our preferred integration, as they allow you to build custom work-outs, diet plans, and add schedule reminders to specific client profiles. All of this working together saves you time and effort, allowing you extra time to grow your client base. 

Your Brand, Your Way!

Gone are the days of working for the man. Create a unique name and mission, and start the fitness brand you will be proud of. We can help with the marketing, client acquisition, and your digital branding. When you make the jump to go online, we are always here to help.

Our designers will meet with you to talk about all of the specifics of your new business, develop your brand message, and most of our site are ready in under a week. That means that you can be bringing in new clients by this time next week.