What does a Web Developer even do?

I have seen this question all over the internet. And well, the answer is two-fold: 1 part Building Your Site and the other part maintaining. When you are first starting out, having a web presence is key. Maintaining that web presence, as well as growing it is absolutely fundamental for your businesses success. So now that we know we need a website and we need to maintain it, its time to figure out who is going to do all of that work. (pssst. this is everything a web developer should do for you)

Sure, you could hire your 20 something-year-old nephews to come on and “update” things for you, heck maybe you might be tech savvy enough to go out on a limb and build your own using one of the DIY builders I previously mentioned in this article (WordPress vs Shopify vs Squarespace, Which is better?)  Either way you are going to be left with a, probably, functioning website, and another employee/schedule to manage. As a business owner, this is a NIGHTMARE scenario. If you are looking for your website to work for you instead of needing work, then that’s where an experienced web developer would suit your needs nicely.

So what does a web developer do?

A web developer builds, customizes, and adds functionality to your website using a host of tools at their finger-tips. A well trained and adept developer could have the simplest of websites LIVE in minutes and more complex LIVE in hours. They should be thought about as your very own outsourced CTO (Chief Technology Office). With the best of developers keeping the pulse of all things Web, including marketing and tending.

Lion Pug

“Would you rather have a site that is cute prey or a vicious preditor?”


3 Simple Questions to Ask, if you are on the fence of needing a developer.

  1. Are you currently posting hourly, daily, or even weekly, to your sites Blog?
  2. Are all of your articles on your site Optimized for Google and other search engines?
  3. How many clicks does it take your site visitor to become a customer?

If you either answered “NO” or you don’t know the answer, then hiring an expert developer and web strategist is a must! Your business is one that relies on a solid flow of customers. Said flow, probably isn’t coming in the form of free traffic of people searching for like-minded products online. So, if there is a market for your product then you are simply missing an opportunity by not putting your company and brand’s best foot forward.

Here at Little Green Development, we are your CTO’s. We have backgrounds in Marketing that lead our designs to be ones that help turn the visitor of your site into customers. We are currently seeking new projects to work on and would love to build your brand message on the web.

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Basic Website Design

A functional website that works
$ 1000 One Time
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 week complete site turn around
  • Full turn-key solution
  • Proven to convert template design
  • Full SEO workup
  • 3 Office hours to teach you how to use it

Custom Website Design

A website 100% your own and built only for your business
$ 2000 One Time
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 week first draft turn around
  • Complete control over the design during each phase
  • Complete site build in approximately 1 month.
  • Schedulers, Email Automation, and many more features available

Full SEO Management

Already have a site? Let us create your content!
$ 500 Monthly
  • Full 1 hour consultation to understand your business and your website needs
  • 1 - 1000+ word article delievered weekly (4 total on the month)
  • Full Analytics Suite
  • In house writers only, nothing outsourced
  • Weekly backlink audits and backlink fostering
  • Full keyword research and competitive site and ad audit. ***

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